Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster System


TorqueMaster spring system is designed by Wayne Dalton. TorqueMaster has one or two springs internally fastened inside the shaft by stationary cone.

Downside with the TorqueMasters system:
The springs are not visible, so when they break it’s not apparent to the user.

So most people thinks, the problem is with their opener since the garage door is not functioning properly (struggling to open). And if they continue to operate their opener under these conditions it will cause the opener to prematurely fail.

To check if the TorqueMaster spring or springs are broken pull the red rope attached to the trolley assembly to disengage opener from door, then lift door manually, it should open easily and the door should hold by itself half way up the door opening, if it’s difficult to lift the spring is broken. At this point, disconnect power from openerl and call a professional service like Garage Essentials,208 577-7974. Do not try to operate opener, it may cause severe damage to your opener.

With a different system, for example, torsion system the springs are very visible when they break.


Other concerns:
TorqueMaster’s cycle life is set (TorqueMaster’s typical cycle life is 6 to 10 yrs)

Torsion System doesn’t have that limitation, spring size and length can be increased thereby increasing cycle life 20 to 60 yrs or more.

The TorqueMaster is a complete unit (springs, shaft, cables, drums, etc.), when the springs break you must replace whole unit which drives up the cost of the repair.

Torsion System you usually just replace the springs with higher cycle springs saving you money and time.