Springs, Hinges, Rollers, Cables and Track

Springs on the garage door are common components that get worn out with daily use. To maintain springs, they should be checked, adjusted if needed, and lubricated annually in order to avoid damage.  To maintain your springs, give GARAGE DOOR ESSENTIALS a call. If you need to replace your springs, GARAGE DOOR ESSENTIALS has American made, high-cycle replacement springs available for a great price.


Hinges are components that also get worn out easily.  A loose or worn out hinge may cause your doors to sag – which leads to improper opening and closings. Loose or worn hinges can also cause an accident or injury by causing the door to fall to the ground.  To avoid an accident or injury, it’s imperative you have your hinges fixed.


Rollers allow the door to move freely up and down the track, but the roller has two trouble areas the roller and the shaft, both needs to move freely.  When the shaft does not slide though the sleeve the door will bind.  When the rollers stick or seize the door will be difficult to lift.  Metal can corrode and rust out causing shaft to break or seize up.  If you find your rollers were seized or very noisy, you may want to replace them with high end rollers with bearings.

Cables and Tracks 

Your garage door’s cables and supporting pulleys should also be inspected for regular maintenance.  If the cables or pulleys get worn out, your garage door will have a tougher time opening and closing. 

The tracks that help your door slide up and down with ease must also be inspected to see if your garage door is sliding freely.

If your tracks are misaligned or creating too much friction, your garage door may run into problems when you try to use it on a daily basis.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, tracks must be inspected to see if all screws are right and your tracks are straight.