During the Winter and Summer months, it’s especially important to maintain your garage door because of the changing temperatures. Garage door springs will go through their life-cycle until they break, usually at an inconvenient time. In the Winter, if the springs are nearing the end of their life-cycle, there is a higher chance they will break in the colder months. If your garage door springs appear old and you have noticed issues with opening and closing of your garage door or opener sounding louder than usual or struggling to open or close the garage door. Those are signs of weak springs, weak springs can cause your opener to prematurely fail and the cost of an opener is not cheap, so call a professional to determine if it’s time to replace your old springs before they break and cause damage to your opener. Call Garage Essentials 208 577-7974 or find us on the web boisegaragedoorrepairs.com for an honest, affordable quote and remember we will do the job right the first time. Thanks

Point of interest:
An intrinsic property of metal is that it expands when it’s hot (summer) and contract when it’s cold (winter). You can help minimize damage by keeping your metal springs properly lubricated. This helps a lot with the contracting and expanding of the springs, but do not lube the last 3 inches of the spring on both ends, since it needs to grip the cone and remember only a small amount of lube is needed .

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