Garage Essentials has highly qualified trained technician in the garage doors field with years of experience. They are well-informed on garage doors and it’s maintenance services. We offer door installation, repair, replacement and residential garage doors services in the Treasure Valley.

Regular inspection helps find the problems before they can crop up into larger problems.

Check for:
Rusty hinges, rollers, tracks and have them replaced
Make sure cables are in good condition
Garage door is properly balanced
Examine the fasteners, bolts and nuts closely and tighten those that have become loose
Inspect the garage door tracks for any dents or damages
Alignment and levels of the tracks and keep it clean
Rollers and springs are lubricated

Most regular maintenance practices for garage doors are well within the possibility of the owners. However, there are some repairs that must be attended to by experienced garage door professionals.

When it comes to replacing or working with torsion springs, you must always depend on a knowledgeable garage door professional. Torsion springs are under high tension, and without a proper training can cause severe injury.

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