Garage Doors are the most overlooked doors in your home. Like all other appliances – your garage door and its operating system needs to be properly adjusted and maintained.

A Note Of Caution:
Always use extreme care when working on a garage door. Springs, cables are all under extremely high tension that can cause severe injury or even death if broken or tampered with. It is best not to work on your garage door unless you’re knowledgeable with its dangers. Garage door openers are electrical, unplug them before begin any work including backup units.

Here are some simple monthly safety and maintenance tasks you can perform.

Visual Inspections
While you are inside your garage with the garage door closed inspect garage door springs, cables (worn or frayed), rollers, drums and mounting hardware including hinges for signs of wear, damaged or looseness. For more serious issue Call Garage Essentials 208 5770-7974

Door Balance Test
With door down, disconnect the automatic opener. Manually lift the door, it should lift smoothly with little resistance and remain open at knee, waist and shoulder lever when you let go of the door. If it is difficult to lift and doesn’t stay open, the door may be out of balance and may cause damage to opener and top panel or sectional. Call Garage Essentials 208 5770-7974 for servicing.

Reversing Test
Fully open garage door, lay a piece of wood (2 x 4) on the floor in the center of the garage door opening. Push your garage door remote or wall button to close the door. When the door hits the wood, the door should automatically reverse. If the door does not automatically reverse, call Garage Essentials 208 577-7974 for servicing.

Photo Eye Test
Door fully open, close the door with remote and block one of the door’s photo eyes with an object. The door should reverse. If it does not reverse, pull the object out of the path of the closing door. Close the door. Clean the photo eyes with a soft, dry cloth. Adjust photo eyes if misaligned by hand. Repeat photo eye test. If the door does not reverse, call Garage Essentials 208 577-7974 for servicing.

Force Setting Test
Door fully open, close door with remote or wall button. As the door is closing, hold up the bottom of the door without blocking photo sensors. Door should easily reverse, pull your hands away immediately. If closing force is excessive call Garage Essentials 208 577-7974 for servicing.

Other tasks –spring replacement, track and rollers, cable, brackets replacement should be left to a trained service professionals.