Garage Essentials is a trusted name in the garage door community for repairs, installations and maintenance. Call us any time night or day for scheduling a friendly appointment.

The garage door is one of the most frequently used parts of a house and could collapse, if not regularly maintained. Preventive maintenance will prevent costly repairs later.

From time to time garage doors may become faulty due to regular usage and require repair, you can trust us for a reliably repair. Garage Essentials will check lag screws, hinges, rollers, cables, wiring, track and rails for damage and repair if needed. We advise the homeowner of repair and cost and get approval before we proceed with the repair.

Occasionally, homeowners may want to expand or install a new garage door, if so, call Garage Essentials to help in this process.

We provide the very best of garage door repair, maintenance and installation.

We are always available day or night to supply proficient and systematic services to our customers.

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